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  • Are your animals free range?
    yes, during the spring, summer and autumn they range freely in our paddocks. For example, our full grown pigs have around 150 square meters per animal. they are mored onto fresh pasture every 5 days.
  • Are you organic?
    We fulfil or exceed many of the organic standards, but we are not certified organic. we have very high standards of animal welfare, avoid the use of medication whenever possible and do not use pesticides or industrial fertiliser on our farm. Our feed is sourced from local farms but it is not at the moment organic certified.
  • Do you sell specific cuts of meat?
    we sell meat by the 10 kg box. each box includes a variety of cuts but we do not have the possibility to sell specific cuts of meat.
  • When can I get my meat box?
    We take animals to slaughter when they reach the right size. We have slow growing rare-breed animals and we do not rush them! As a consequence there is a seasonality to our meat supply with more delivered during the autumn, winter and spring. We use a small local slaughterhouse and deliver direct to the customer from the abatoir. meat is delivered on specifc dates (usually fridays)
  • What about the slaughter?
    We use a local, small scale slaughterhouse. the animals are loaded by us into our trailer and we accompany them for the short (around 35-40 min) drive to the abatoir.
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